Dulhunty Group

The Dulhunty Group of companies consist of :

  1. Dulhunty Industries Pty. Ltd.
  2. Dulhunty Engineering Ltd.
  3. Ausplint Pty. Ltd.
  4. Dulmison Marine Pty. Ltd.
  5. Dulhunty Yangzhou Line Fittings Co. Ltd.

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The companies were formed by Mr. Philip Dulhunty, previous founder and Executive Chairman of the Dulmison Group of Companies.

Ausmose Pty. Limited, Modern Utilities and Dulmison Marine Pty Ltd. were companies belonging to the Dulmison Group in 1986.

Dulhunty Industries Pty. Limited, Dulhunty Yangzhou Co. Ltd. and Dulhunty Engineering Ltd. were formed in 1992.


is involved in the manufacture, import and marketing of products and services to the electricity supply industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. In the main its customers are the various state electricity transmission grid companies and power distribution authorities, and briefly its products include:
  • PLS-CADD software for the design of transmission lines, optimum spotting, sags & tensions and analysis of loads on structures.
  • Thermal Scanners for the differential determination of hot spots.

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    Ausmose Pty. Ltd.

    Ausmose Pty Ltd. is engaged in the supply of materials and services for the on-going maintenance of wood poles. Ground Line Maintenance of wood poles consists of pole inspection with the Magnescope®, ground line treatment and reinforcement. After inspection, provided the pole is not a total reject, the area below the ground is treated with Ausplast® a special diffusing preservative which is both a fungicide and a barrier against termites. When a pole is judged to be marginally below the required strength, instead of rejecting and replacing the pole, it can be reinforced with the Ausmose Oz-C-Splint® which restores strength and safety to poles.

    After many years of field trials Australian authorities appreciate the advantages of this product.

    In conjunction with the preservative treatment, Ausmose has perfected a system of reinforcing poles with galvanised steel splints to defer the need for complete pole replacement. These splints are driven with hydraulic equipment with a Power Take Off (PTO) from the truck mounted crane. The splints are banded to the pole, so the integrity of the pole is not compromised. Most distribution and sub-transmission poles only require one splint for complete rehabilitation.


    Modern Utilities was project manager for the civil construction works. Projects included Blayney and Crookwell in NSW.

    Modern Utilities is managed by Mr. A.J. Kennedy, originally Contracts Manager with Chloride Batteries, and he is backed with a capable staff of specialist technicians.

    Dulhunty Engineering Limited

    With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Sydney, this company is involved in:

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    Dulhunty Engineering's office in Hong Kong is managed by an Australian, Alfred Chown, who was previously employed in the procurement of porcelain insulators.

    Dulhunty Yangzhou Line Fittings Co. Ltd.

    Dulhunty Yangzhou Line Fittings Co. Ltd. joint venture partnership with Chinese authorities has a fully operational factory in Jiangdu Province producing electricity transmission and distribution line hardware.

    All products are manufactured by skilled workers trained both in China and abroad in the very latest manufacturing methods and QA/QC procedures, under a quality system implemented in accordance with ISO9002.

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    35 Waterloo Road
    Maquarie Park NSW 2113
    Tel: 612 98 70 72 77
    Fax: 98 70 72 99

    ACN 000 723 455

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