Chapter 21 Dulhunty Papers

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1825 AND 22nd DAY OF MARCH 1826.


Men's Names. Ages. Time
when and Where taken ill. The History, Symptoms, Treatment and daily Progress of the Disease or Hurt.
W. Warren.
Private of 57th Regt.
taken ill 17th Nov. 1825
Nov. 17. Erysypelatous Inflammation of the Left Arm extending over the scapula of that side. gave him Hydrarg; subvenr. grV c Pulv. Antim. grIV at Bedtime nd the whole of the Inflamed parts sprinkled with common Wheat Flour.
18th.Inflammation not at all decreased, gave him Magnes. Sulph. 3i and the sprinkling of Flour continued.
19th.Inflammation and pain of the Arm increased, gave him a mixture with Liq. Ammon: Acet: with Vin: Antim: - his pulse moderate, but Tongue very coated and dry, with considerable Fever, his Face and Body sponged with Vinegar and Water.
20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd. All the symptoms continue the same, and his treatment just as that of the 19th.
24th. Bowels rather costive gave him Hydrarg: Submur: grvj. Pulv. Antim: grIV with a Draught of Magnes: Sulph: and Infus: Teuna the remaining treatment with the symptoms the same as before.
25th.Still continues the same in every respect, considered it necessary to send him into the Hospital, his treatment the same as on preceding days.
26th. 27th. 28th.No alteration in his symptoms, the treatment of saline and aperient medicine continued. 29th. Remains nearly in the same state as yesterday, his Tongue rather cleaner.
Nov. l9th.
G. Farnham Private 57th Regt.
Complains of extreme costiveness with headache, pulse full and skin hot, with a coated tongue - gave him Calomel and antimony at Bed time and took 12 ounces of Blood from the Arm.
20th. Servant to
Fever rather increased with sore throat, consid- ered it necessary to send him to the Hospital, and gave him a draught with Magnes: Sulph: and Infus: Senna.
2lst. 22nd. 23rd. the same in every respect as the days before.
24th. Considerable headache with as much fever as before. Gave him Saline mixture with Antimonial Wine and a Purgative of Calomel and Antimony at Night.
24th. 25th. 26th. 27th. Very little alteration in either the symptoms or treatment.
28th. No alteration in his complaint, directed him to be sponged throughout with Vinegar Liq. Ammon: Acet: with Camphore and Antimonial Wine.
29th.The patients in the Hospital nearly the same as yesterday. Several convicts applied with Colds and Sore Throats, gave them Flannel with Hartshorn to be applied, and administered purgatives to them, principally composed of Jalep: Pulv: & Hydrarg: Submur.
30th.Warren has very much improved, the inflamation in the arm considerably decreased. The other patients in the Hospital much the same as yesterday.
December 1stFarnham is considerably better in every respect. Warren still mending, gave him two wine glasses of Port Wine and continued the Treatment as before.
2nd. The Patients in the Hospital the same as yesterday, Warren had Three glasses of Wine. No others complaining, except frequent applications from the Convicts from Sea Sickness, but in other respects they all continue in very good health.
3rd and 4th.All the same as yesterday.
George Archer 5th. Convict Aged 27 Applied this morning with sprained ankle in consequence of slipping on the Deck in a Gale of wind, gave him Purgative medicines and applied Cold Lotions. Warren still improving, has today an abscess forming in the Axilla, continued his treatment as before, with the addition of Poultices. - Discharged Farnham to Duty - The Convicts all in good health considering the severe blowing weather.
George Farnham Discharged to Duty Dec, 5.
Dec. 6th.Patients in the Hospital better with the exception of Archer the Convict - his Foot is considerably swelled with increased inflammation, tongue dry, skin hot and pulse quick, repeated the purgative medicine, and gave him a Febrifuge Mixture every three hours, continued the cold Lotions.
Dec. 7th. All the Patients the same as yesterday - Warren's abscess not yet suppurated, continued the Poultices, convicts continued in good health.
Dec. 8th.Archer the Convict not at all improved today; continued his treatment the same as before with the addition of another dose of Purgative Medecine this morning.
H. Benson
Seaman Aged 28
Was admitted this morning into the Hospital with severe quotidian agile, gave him an Emetic a few minutes prior to the accession of the shivering fit complains of great debility, tongue dry and very coated, extreme thirst, with a quiet pulse after the effect of the emetic, gave him a brisk purgative.
9th. Benson not at all better, his debility very considerable without any decrease of ague; gave him a Drachm of Bark with Port Wine every three hours with nutricious diet. Archer the Convict considerably worse than yesterday, the inflammation shews every disposition to Sphacelus of great extent, gave him poultices frequently ... with Charcoal and Oatmeal - his Tongue very dark coated and dry, his pulse small and weak, and the Whole system shewing evident symptoms of impaired and debilitated constitution, gave him Syo with Port Wine and kept his Bowels gently open.
Several Convicts applied today with colds and constipated Bowels, gave them Purgatives and Flannel.
10th. The Patients in the Hospital the same as yesterday, neither Benson nor Archer shew any alteration except that their debility is increased - continued the same treatment as yesterday with the addition of more Port Wine - No other complaints from the Convicts.
Dec. 11th.Benson and Archer in a very debilitated and precarious state, increased their stimulant medecines. 12 a.m. Both seem to be gradually sinking, the slough on Archer's foot very extensive and slack, his pulse extremely weak with very dark coloured dry tongue.
Benson died at 8 a.m. Dec. 11th.
Archer died at 1 p.m. Dec. 11th.
12th Dec.All the patients much better and no complaints from the convicts.
13th.Warren very much recovered, ordered him to go on deck for an hour, the weather being very fine - All the convicts in good health.
14th.All the Convicts in good health. Warren the Soldier still continues to improve rapidly, giving him a Half Pint of Wine daily.
Saml Fairman 15th.
Private 57th,Regt. Age 20
Admitted Saml Fairman into the Hospital with Fever, gave him purgatives with a Febrifuge Mixture, his tongue very dry and dark coated, his pulse full and strong - had him thoroughly sponged with Vinegar and Water.
16th.Fierman just the same as yesterday, his Fever rather increased than otherwise, repeated the Purgative Medicine and gave him Saline Mixture every three hours and continued the sponging with Vinegar and Water. All the Convicts in the Prison roll.
Henry Kensley
Seaman Aged 22
Henry Kensley seaman admitted with Fever, pain in the Chest and Cough, gave him Purgative Medicine, and applied a Blister to the Chest.
17th. 18th. 19th. 20th.No alteration in the Hospital. All the sick daily improving, excepting Saml Fierman who has still a considerable degree of low Fever with debility.
21st. Several convicts applied this morning with relaxed Bowels, which I attribute to their drinking the Lime Juice issued to them according to Order. Gave them Rhubarb and Magnesia - All the Patients in the Hospital improving.
22nd.All those Convicts who applied yesterday, very much better. Patients in the Hospital the same as yesterday.
23rd.Convicts all well. Fierman the soldier still continues to have a great degree of low Fever which appears very obstinate and to yield very slightly to the ordinary mode of Treatment. The other Patients better.
December 24thConvicts all in good health. No alteration in Fierman, he still continues to labour under great fever. Warren and Tappwell much improved but not sufficiently strong to go to duty.
25th. 26th.Patients the same. Convicts all in good health. No particular occurrence throughout the Ship.
27th. 28th. 29th.30th.No alteration in the sick and no other complaining.
31st. Fierman still the same, giving him daily Bark and Porter which he desires very greatly. Divided a portion of the Hospital off today for the accommodation of Mrs Hynes a soldier's wife, she being in labour and the soldier's berth extremely crowded - at 9 p.m. she was delivered of a girl.
1826. January 1.Patients rather better but Fierman still continues in a very doubtful state.
Mrs. Hynes going on very well.
2. 3. 4 No alteration in the Hospital, Mrs. Hynes nearly recovered. Continued the same treatment of the Patients as before.
5. 6.Today discharged H. Kensley seaman to Duty. Fierman rather better but still very weak. Continued his treatment with stimulants and occasional mild Purgations.
Mark Lane 7.
Private 7th Regt. aged 22.
Admitted Mark Lane into the Hospital with Fever and Dysentery, gave him Mist. Rhai. I Conf. Opii in small doses every 4 hours with Sago.
Mrs. Hynes today perfectly recovered.
8. Discharged Mrs. Hynes from Hospital perfectly recovered. Lane and Fierman both better.
9. 10. 11. No alteration in sick. Fierman's treatment of stimulants continued.
12. Several Convicts applied this morning with costive Bowels, gave them Purgative medicine.
13. 14.
James Moy Convict
Aged 20
On this morning (14th) admitted James Moy (convict) into Hospital with Fever, gave him Ant. Tart. g.IV as an emetic and after its operation a brisk Purgative of Salts and senna.
Thos. Howell, Convict
On this morning (15th) admitted Thos. Howell (Convict) into Hospital with Fever - his Pulse full, gave him an Emetic as above and a Purgative afterwards, in the Evening took twentyfour ounces of Blood from his Arm.
16th. Patients all better.
17.Discharged Warren, Soldier perfectly recovered. Patients the same as yesterday.
18. No alteration in the sick. Several Convicts applied this morning with Headache and irregular Bowels, gave them Purgatives as necessary.
19. Sick the same as yesterday.
20.Discharged Mark Lane, Soldier, to duty January 20th.
Patients better. Fierman (Soldier) improving rapidly, continue to give him Wine and stimulant medicine.
21. 22. 23.No particular alteration in the sick.
24. Several of the Guard and Convicts applied this morning with Slight Fever and Headache, gave them Emetics and Purgatives as necessary.
25. 26. 27. 28. No alteration during these days in the sick except the improvement of Fierman the soldier and Moy the Convict.
29. The same as yesterday.
30. N. Bray
Convict Age 22
Admitted N. Bray (Convict) into the Hospital this morning with Fever and Retention of Urine, gave him some Camphor mixture in doses of two tablespoonsful every three hours with fifteen drops of Spirit: Aether Nitros: and a smart Purgative in the Evening.
January 30. James Bugg
Convict, Aged 22
Admitted James Bugg (Convict) at the Hospital this morning with Purulent Ophthalmia, he having had a slight Inflammn in his eyes for several days, gave him a strong Purgative and put a Blister on each Temple and applied a Wash to the Eyes of Zinci: Sulph: gr Xij Aqua Hp.
31.Bray (Convict) with increased Fever, tongue coated, quick pulse tho' not strong, with an amazing deal of nervous irritability and every appearance of extreme oppression of mind; the medicine of yesterday acted very freely both on the Urine and Bowels. Kept him quiet and continued the Camphor mixture with Aether. Bugg better.
February 1. Very little alteration in Bray, excepting considerable increase of irritability, has had two evacuations since yesterday of very dark colour, gave him more Purgative medicine, and continued the remaining treatment as yesterday. No other alteration in the sick.
2.Bray rather worse this morning in every symptom, ordered him to be constantly sponged with Vinegar and water and continued his Treatment as yesterday - visited him again at 8 p.m. and found him delirious without any alteration in his symptoms, he has had two stools since the morning very dark and fetid smell.
3.Bray very ill with little or no alteration, appears to be sinking, his Pulse so low that I did not venture on giving him any more Purgative Medicine tho' his Bowels have been well opened, his evacuations are still unhealthy - continued the Camphor mixture and gave him half a Wine glass of Red Wine in a tumbler of water. Saw him again in the Evening, no alteration except he has passed stools and Urine in his Bed involuntary.
4.Bray in an extreme state of debility perfectly insensible. Gave him some Wine and continued the Camphor mixture, his pulse low and scarcely to be felt - Bugg considerably better with Ophthalmia. None other complaining.
5.Bray continues just as yesterday, gave him a glass of bottled Porter Which seemed to rally him a little. He refused all Medicine and therefore did not disturb him. He appears to be sinking fast. Saw him at 4 p.m. no alteration, at 11 p.m. he departed this Life. There appears to have been great mental anxiety about this man which kept up such invincible Febrile action - some of his Fellow prisoners who have known him state that he has mentioned circumstances connected with his Family which preyed on his mind.
James Cotterel
Admitted James Cotterel into the Hospital with Dysentry, gave him 0l: Ricini i Tinct. Opii grV and ordered him some Sago. The other Patients much better.
6. Gave Cotterel Mist: Gret: e Conf: Opii every three hours. He is very weak and languid this morning - Bugg better, continued the Wash with Zincii Sulph: - Other patients better.
7. Cotterel better, gave him a Pill Ipecac: gr.i Rhoe i gtij every three hours and continued the Mist: Cret: - ordered him Rice & Water to drink thro' the day. - other Patients better.
8. No alteration in the Sick.
E. Jennings,
Private 57th Regt.
J. Steadman
S. Harcastle
D. Mitchell
R. Stevenson
Admitted these soldiers this morning with Itch. Rubbed them thoroughly with Unguent: Sulph: Confi: and gave them Purgative Medicine. - Cotterel and Bugg much better. No alteration during these days.
14. Discharged Soldiers with Itch perfectly cured. Cotterel very weak but daily improving, gave him Wine today - Bugg better but the Vessels of the Eyes very languid in their action. added Tinct: Opii: grviii to his wash.
15.No alteration since yesterday.
16. Admitted W. Grant this day with scalded leg, from a pan of boiling water being thrown on it accidently - immediately applied Turpentine and gave him Purgative medicine, other Patients much the same.
17. W. Grant better today, ordered him to keep his leg wetted with Vinegar and Water. No other alteration. Cotterel convalescent.
18. 19. No alteration.
20. Discharged J. Moy (Convict) today perfectly recovered, he having been a long time suffering under debility from Fever. Grant much better - applied Ung: Sulph: to Fierman, he having Itch.
21. Discharged J. Cotterel (Convict) perfectly well. Grant better.
22. 23. 24. 25. On these days little or no alteration. Discharged J. Grant (Soldr) to duty, Feb. 25th.
February 26. Sick better.
27. 28. No material alteration.
March 1. J. Kensley
This day admitted J. Kensley (Seaman) with great debility, pain in the Region of the Liver and loss of appetite - gave him, two grains of Pili: Hydrarg; one grain Ipecac. Two grains of Rhubarb in a Pill every night and a Blister over the Liver.
2. 3. 4. No alteration.
5. 6. 7. Patients better.
8. Bugg Convict attacked with severe pain in Right Ear and suppression of Urine - gave a mixture to take every two hours with a large warm Poultice to the Ear.
9. Several Convicts applied this morning with slight Fever and costive Bowels, gave them Purgative medicine as necessary.
10. 11. 12. No alteration.
13. Jesse Mills
I. Winifred
Patients much better. Admitted Jesse Mills (Convict) today with Fever, gave him the usual treatment. No alteration. Admitted I. Winifred (Seaman) into the Hospl with an incision of the Knee about half an inch in length. Induced by a Blow from an axe - gave him some Plaister and ordered him to be kept quiet.
14.Patients better.
15.Winifred's knee very much swelled and Inflamed, he having used exercise, contrary to my directions, put a large Poultice on the Knee and kept the Thigh wet with Vinegar and Water and gave him Two Pills with @Hydrarg: Sabun grvj Pulv: Jalap: grIX and put him on Low Diet. Mills (Convict) better but with still a considerable degree of Fever.
16. Little or no alteration in the sick.
17. Geo. Mitford
Admitted Geo, Mitford (Convt) with Fever white tongue dry skin, pain in Limbs, full Pulse and Thirst gave him Ant: Tart: grIV and after its operation Three Pills Hydrarg: Sabmur: grV Ext. Colocyn: Co: grV Pulv: Jalap: grV Sponged him with Vinegar and Water. Winifred's knee discharges very much bloody serous matter. Pursue the same treatment - and in the Evening took Twenty-Four ounces of Blood from the Arm.
18. Mitford (Convict) with increased Fever, gave him more Purgative medicine, took thirty ounces of Blood from the Arm and put a large Blister on the Back of the Neck - continued sponging him constantly - Winifred much the same as yesterday. Other patients better.
19. Mitford quite delirious with considerably increased Fever. Took Twenty four ounces of Blood from him. His Bowels are freely opened, gave him a Clyster with Castor Oil and gruel - shaved his Head and put on a large Blister, saw him at 8 in the Evening, not at all better.
Winifred the same as yesterday, as are all the other Patients.
J. Cotterel
Admitted J. Cotterel (Convict) again with Dysentery, gave him a Pill with Two grains of Ipecac: Two grains of Rhubarb, one grain of Opium every Three hours with Mist: Cret: and Conf: Apii.
20. 20. at 4 a.m. George Mitford Convict departed this Life. Other Patients much as yesterday.
22nd. Sent all the Sick to the Hospital at Sydney.

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