Chapter 20 Dulhunty Papers

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The Dulhunty Papers. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney).
Mowle, S.M., Journal in Retrospect. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney.)
Nichols, G.R., Customs and Customs Houses in New South Wales. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney)
Sydney Society in Crown Colony Days - Personal Reminiscences of the late Lady Forbes, edited for publication by George Forbes. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney)
Innes, Miss A.A.C., Early Recollections and Gleanings from an old journal. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney.)
Jamison, Sir John. Journal, 1818. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney.)
Boyes G., Letters to his wife 1824. (In the Mitchell Library, Sydney.)
Miscellaneous papers of the Gibbes family.
Miscellaneous papers of the Knyvett family.
Business records of J. W. Duesbury. (In the Archives of the University of Sydney.)
Surveyor-General's Records, Sydney.
Registrar-General's Records, Sydney.
Admiralty Records, in the Public Records Office, London.
Records of the Genealogical Office, Dublin.


Historical Records of Australia


New South Wales Magazine, 1834.
The Australian, 1824-1848.
The Sydney Gazette, 1823-42.
The Monitor, 1826-1841.
The Sydney Herald, 1832-42
The Sydney Morning Herald, 1842-1959.
Heads of the People, A weekly journal printed and published by William Baker, Sydney, October edition, 1847.
The Daily Telegraph, 4th June, 1887.
The Bulletin, Sydney, 1892, 1930.
The Brisbane Courier, 1908.
The Dubbo Despatch, 1918.
Smith's Weekly, lst March, 1930.
The Sun, Sydney, 1931, 1951.
The Port Macquarie News, 1932-1958.
The Malta Times, 1946.
The Northern Miner, Chartres Towers, 1949.


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