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Dulmison Marine released the Flook at the 1989 Sydney Boat show. It was developed by Phil Dulhunty from his experience with seaplanes and the desire to carry on board a lightweight "FLYING HOOK" = FLOOK. (Pronounced as in hook, book, cook).

After many prototypes and the development of the offset flukes with a four-bar linkage, the anchor was designed for optimum glide angle of 18 degrees. The weight at the front drives the anchor forward, the trailing tips are pointed down to ensure nose down attitude and they aid in the anchor digging in to sand and mud. The dihedral of the wings ensures maximum glide, true direction and the large surface area of the wings prove a good holding area.

The offset 4-bar linkage is designed so that the anchor will open and the wings/flukes shall penetrate the ground. offset to the shank. This offset makes the flukes dig in deeper without piivoting on the nose, as in Danforth type Anchors

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Flook the Flying Anchor works best down under